Jim Pinkham asked:

> The question is this: Just using the normal set of tools that comes with
> Frame (7.1 on Windows XP SP-2), and possibly freeware, what is the
> fastest, most effective way to migrate a new template into old docs. Am
> I doomed to paragraph-by-paragraph, table-by-table, and cell-by-cell
> transformations? Or are there better alternatives?

Well, I won't go into any discussion of how many hours of your time you 
would need to save to pay for the $200 cost of Template Mapper...

You are not doomed to a paragraph-by-paragraph reformatting exercise.
Start by identifying the mapping of old styles to new. For all cases of 
1-to-1 mappings (exactly one old style maps to a particular new style)
just rename the old style before you import the new template and its 
formatting. For cases where more than one old style maps to a new 
style, you can rename only one of the old styles (pick the most prevalent
one) and you'll need to retag the the remaining paragraphs to the new
style name. Then once everything is tagged with new names, simply 
import the new template. Not terrible, but the tool would be faster and
much less boring.
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