Hi Stuart et al.
Thanks for the responses.
What I'm really looking for is just a way to generate zip-codes - not  
the entire UPC barcode paraphernalia.
(It would have helped if I had done a little research before making  
my first posting. Doh!)
Back in the System 7 days I used to have an old Seiko label printer  
that would automatically generate the Postnet zip-code on its own  
line when I entered the zipcode numerals. but I've never been able to  
locate ssoftware to run it on OSX  or XP.
Some little FrameMaker plug-in like that would be nifty if it exists.

Will White

On May 26, 2008, at 9:35 AM, Stuart Rogers wrote:

> Whites wrote:
>> Hi Framers -
>> Anyone out in FrameLandia know of a barcode font? There doesn't   
>> appear to be one in the usual Windoze offering (or I am not  
>> looking  in the right places).
>> Any advice appreciated.
> Uh, try googling "barcode font"?  You'll get about two million hits...
> HTH,

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