Hi Alison,

I didn't receive any replies to this post (or I must have missed them), 
so I don't have a solution yet.

Fortunately, I don't use Excel OLE objects often in Frame (only in 
tables where I need the Excel formulas). My current workaround is to 
select the black frame in the PDF file and delete it (using Acrobat 3D 8).

Yves Barbion 
Managing Director
Adobe-Certified FrameMaker Instructor

Alison Carrico wrote:
> Hi Yves: 
> I am experiencing the same issue with an Excel OLE object & was
> wondering whether you ever found a solution to this vexing problem.  I
> have a doc that has been translated from English to French & the Excel
> tables were edited to insert the translated material. The original
> English version of the file prints perfectly, but if I edit the Excel
> objects in either language I get the black frame you described. 
> I would be most grateful for any insight you can offer.
> Thanks very much!
> Alison 
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> Subject: Black frame on OLE objects in PDF
> Hi Framers,
> I include a part of a spreadsheet in FrameMaker as OLE object (copy in 
> Excel, paste link in FM). When I create a PDF, a black frame is placed 
> on top of the OLE object in my PDF file.
> Is this a known bug?
> I've tested this with FrameMaker 7.2p158 + Acrobat Distiller 6.0 and 
> FrameMaker 8, both with the same results.
> Any ideas?

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