Hi Michael,

It is possible - provided that your section numbers are generated using 
paragraph autonumbering. 

First, if you've not already generated an index for the doc, do so.

Then, in the generated index file, view the references pages. There should be a 
page called IX (with a flow called IX). This page controlls the sort order of 
the index, and other things like the appearance of index entries.

One of the paras on the page should be:


Change it to:


Where "Section" should be changed to the paragraph tag you are using for your 
sections. It's a good idea to use a non-breaking hyphen (esc hyphen h) so that 
the section and page numbers don't get split in the index.

Regenerate the index and you should get the required X-PP format.


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Hello Framers,
here I'm presenting an impossible task. :-).
I have a 300 pages document which consists of 9 sections. I need to generate an 
index for it. Page number format should look like this: X-PP, where X is a 
section number and PP - page number. Had I separate files, that would not be a 
problem - make a book and off you go. I have 1 and I don't want split it for 
certain reasons.
So, is there a way to accomplish this numbering in one file? I know in InDesign 
that is totally possible with Section'ing the document. What about Frame?

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