The accepted way to do this was to import Visio files as OLE objects,
however OLE didn't always work reliably, especially if you were doing
several files. Just lately, after installing XP SP3, even that limited
method quit working for me and several others who have reported

If I were you, I'd print to a PDF from Visio or SaveAs a graphic
format from Visio and import the resulting file as a referenced file.


On Thu, May 29, 2008 at 12:31 PM, Krishna Mukherjee <kmukh at> 
> Hi,
> I have about 10 figures in Visio that need to go into my Frame document. 
> Would a simple cut and paste work or is there a preferred method of working 
> with Visio files if they are to be incorporated into the Frame Doc?
> Windows XP/Frame 7.2 (unstructured)
> Thanks,Krishna

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