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> For all of us Frame users out there who must suffer through Word every
> now and then (and for all you Word gurus and guruesses, whom I admire
> heavily for keeping your sanity) - in Framemaker, we can permanently
> have a graphic placed on a page every time we use a particular
> style. For example, every time I use the Heading1 style in my
> I have a graphic called Heading1Line that is always placed beneath the
> text of the tag (through the Advanced Paragraph Properties/Reference
> page function in FM.) Is there a way to do this in Word?

Actually, this is something that's much easier and more powerful in Word
because you can add lines, boxes, shading, etc., to the pgf style

In the Modify Style dialog, click Format > Border (that's 2007; might be
a bit different navigation in other versions). 


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