I had serious difficulties with XP SP3 and PC Tools Spyware Doctor -
*after* they (PC Tools) sent me an upgrade to work with XP SP3! My
computer became impossibly  slow - keystrokes took *many* seconds
(sometimes minutes) to show on the screen if you to switched between
different apps or windows.

Didn't have time to debug the issue, so, after a few hours of trying to
fix the problem, I removed Spyware Doctor for now ... luckily
BitDefender Anti-virus is working without problems.


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> Fausset, Marilyn wrote:
> > I don't know if this has been answered, but I just lost lots of time
> > until Adobe support told me about this (on my second call to them).
> > XP Service Patch 3, you cannot save Frame files with updated
> > Visios. You get a backup file with the Visio grayed out and the
> > "An internal error occurred while writing imported graphics in this
> > document. The file has been saved, but has lost some image data.
> > report this error to Adobe Technical support."
> >
> > You can uninstall XP SP3 from the Control Panel if you check the
> > option to display it. I hope this saves somebody some time.
> Anyone contemplating installing XP SP3 should also know that there can
> be severe conflicts between that service pack and several antivirus
> programs, notably Norton/Symantec.  Check your AV software
> manufacturer's Web site for advisories, and proceed with caution.

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