Cross-references with text insets are tricky. X-refs to text insets
require that the container file be specified for the inset. Since the
inset is in two different manuals (Manual A and Manual B), when you set
a reference to the inset in Manual A, then Manual A's file name and
location become part of that x-reference, so that's why the x-ref
becomes unresolved for Manual B. Conversely, when you set a reference to
the inset in Manual B, then  Manual B's file name and location become
part of that x-reference, so that's why the x-ref becomes unresolved for
Manual A. There are a variety of ways to solve this (framescript,
manually making two x-refs with conditional text, etc.) but the most
consistent and easiest way is NOT to have headings in insets. Keep the
headings in the container file and import the inset less the heading.
This way, you can set up x-refs to headings to two different manuals as
you would always in FM and not have this problem.

Let me know if you need any more help.


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2 different manuals use the same text inset and each of them have an
x-ref to the same heading in the text inset.

Whenever I open one manual and solve the unresolved x-ref, the other
manual will get an unresolved x-ref to that heading.

How do you suggest that I solve this?

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