Hi Fred,

Thanks for the reply. The reason I am splitting the chapters is that our 
chapters start out as portrait for several pages and then go to landscape. 
Because I don't know when the break will be, I want to use automatic left/right 
pages to assign the landscape pages which go on for 40 some pages.

I guess any way I do it, it will require manual intervention to make it work.

I think the $volnum variable as text might solve the problem.

 Pat Fortino

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 In addition to the other replies, which suggested the use of a 
variable for the chapter title and addressed the archive issue,
I wanted to add a couple of points.

First, there is no need to split a chapter into two to accommodate
a combination of portrait and landscape pages. (I think that notion 
is a carry-over from MS Word, where you do indeed need to use
section breaks to change page layout.) In FrameMaker you just 
define an additional pair of master pages for the landscape layout
and then assign those master pages (either manually or by mapping
them to certain paragraph styles) to the appropriate pages.

Second, if you are not already using them, you can use the 
$chapnum and/or $volnum system variables to be able to define 
the chapter titles from the book file. All you would need to do is 
enter the appropriate text string as the "number" format in the
book's Numbering properties sheet.


> Date: Fri, 30 May 2008 07:54:19 -0700
> From: patfortino at writenowdesign.com
> Subject: Running Header in a Continued File?
> To: Framers at FrameUsers.com
> Hi,
> Unfortunately, I can't search the archives, but I'm sure this question has 
> been answered. 
> I am using fm 8.x windows xp:
> I
> have a chapter that is split into two files to allow for landscape
> pages that occur later. I am using a running header to capture the
> chapter title and display it in the header. Of course, it works fine in
> the first file because it contains the chapter title p tag. But in the
> second file, the running header does not work. I assumed this would
> work like numbering and frame would look for the last occurrence of
> that tag and use it, but it doesn't.
> Is there any automatic way
> to do this; eg, split a chapter into multiple files and have automatic
> running headers that display the chapter p tag? Otherwise, I will have
> to manually enter the running header in this chapter and several others
> which use the same configuration. Seems like a clunky solution :(
> BTW:
> What happened to the framer's web site? I cannot search through the
> thousands of answers that I know are available somewhere. Also, why are
> we still using a list serve when a forum would be a lot more user
> friendly and search-able? Again, I'm sure this has been discussed too,
> but I can't search the archives. Or can I?
> Thanks
> Pat Fortino
> writenowdesign.com
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