Hi Deidre,

I think you can (almost fully) automate this. You need three paragraph
tags, say:

* Figure (shows the current figure number, but does not increment it)
* Figure+ (increments the figure number, and also resets the sheet
* Sheet (increments the sheet number)

In addition, if you want a layout such as:

        Figure 3 (Sheet 1 of 7) My_Figure_Title

Then you should make Figure and Figure+ to be Run-in Heads (on the
Pagination tab of the Paragraph Designer). The complete title is then
made up of either Figure & Sheet paragraphs or Figure+ & Sheet
paragraphs (all on one line).

The numbering properties for each paragraph will be something like:

Figure  F:Figure <n>< >
Figure+ F:Figure <n+1>< =0>
Sheet           F:(Sheet < ><n+1> of

To achieve the "Y" in "Sheet X of Y", you would need to create a cross
reference in each of the Sheet paragraphs to the last Sheet within a
particular Figure. The cross-reference format would be something like:


Once you've created the Figure and Sheet paragraphs (with a cross-ref)
for one sheet, you can copy it and change the title - much easier than
creating multiple cross-refs to the same place.

And finally, if you need to create a List of Figures, you should set up
the LoF generated file to include the Figure, Figure+, & Sheet
paragraphs. You then need to edit the reference page for the list so

The FigureLOF and Figure+LOF paragraphs should contain something like:

        Figure <$paranumonly> 

The Sheet paragraph should contain something like:

        (Sheet <$paranumonly> of <$paratext> <$pagenum>

And the FigureLOF and Figure+LOF paragraphs should be Run-in Heads to
get everything on one line.


Rob Evans

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Happy Voting Day my fellow Americans!

My fellow non-American Framers, Happy First Tuesday of November!

Ok, I have a FrameMaker question that exists beyond partisan boundaries.

FM 8.0, Windows XP.

Is it possible to have a command that allows for multiple sheets of
the same autonumbered Figure number -- i.e., Figure 1 (Sheet 1 of 2),
Figure 1 (Sheet 2 of 2) -- so that Figure 1 can update to Figure 2 or
6 or 100 on all sheets when more figures are added?

Thanks so much!


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