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>I'm converting a Frame file to PDF.  The file includes numerous links to
>other files, which I need to open in new windows.  In the past, I've
>used a document-level javascript (openinplace) in the pdf file to make
>all links open in new windows.  However this no longer works in Acrobat
>8, so I want to set this action in the Framemaker file.  (The
>alternative is to use an application-level javascript in the pdf - but I
>have no idea how to do that.)
>The hyperlink I'm currently using is "openpage ...."
>Is there a way to force this to open in a new window?

The openInPlace JavaScript indeed does not affect user preferences when run 
from a document-level script, starting in Acrobat 8.

To use an application-level JavaScript, you need to place a .js file in a 
custom Acrobat folder (in the end-user computer).
In the case of Acrobat 8, the folder to use is:
C:\Program Files\Adobe\Acrobat 8\Acrobat\Javascripts
(the .js file is loaded when Acrobat is started; folder location is 
different depending on the Acrobat version. It is probably easier to 
provide end users with instructions on how to change the cross-file links 
in new window preference)

Another option is to apply the JavaScript code (in Acrobat) as a page 
action (eg a page action of page 1).
If the PDF may open at different pages through cross-file links, the page 
action should be assigned to all pages (so that the "new window" behavior 
is consistent).

When it comes to FM->PDF conversion, FrameMaker's openpage/openlink 
hypertext markers are both identical to gotopage/gotolink.

[ My FrameMaker-to-Acrobat add-on has a function that controls the "new 
window" property globally or individually, so that no additional actions / 
JavaScripts are necessary after the PDF is created.
The "new window" property of cross-file links can also be set to apply to 
web-based PDF files. See for 
additional information and sample files. ]

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