I need to use a slate blue color in a manual I'm creating -- rules  
and heading text. But no matter what color model I specify in  
FrameMaker, I get a garish cyan when the file is converted to PDF.  
This is only a problem with elements and text created in FrameMaker.  
Linked EPS files and screenshots are working just fine. And the color  
looks fine in FrameMaker; it only goes south in the PDF.

For the record, I've tried Pantone spot and process, RGB, web-safe,  
you name it. And I just keep getting shades of cyan. I've tried  
FrameMaker 7 and 8, same result. I'm using Windows XP and WebWorks  
Rasterizer to create the .ps file for distilling. (The Adobe PDF  
driver crashes FrameMaker on this machine.) From within Distiller,  
I've selected the Leave Color Unchanged option, but no luck.

Has anyone had experience with this sort of problem?

Many thanks,

    --Donna Reynolds

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