You are correct. I ascribed the full features of 
grep to the FrameMaker wildcard search. There is 
no way to make a full pattern search with 
wildcards, though you can approximate it, and you 
will get some false positives. And you cannot 
replace the pattern with another pattern, you 
must use discrete strings or elements from the 
clipboard, etc.


At 4:08 PM +0100 11/17/08, Klaus Daube wrote:
>On 11 Nov 2008 at 13:40, quills at airmail.net wrote:
>>  [0-9]*.
>>  Searches for a numerical pattern which can consist of single digits
>>  or multiple digits ending with a period.
>Dear Scott,
>My experience with FM 4 - 8 is that the 
>mentioned wildcard search finds "a figure 
>followed by
>anything and then a period:
>       14pt.
>       22.
>       1highlight.
>Am mistaken in this issue?
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