I am evaluating Framemaker 8 as a replacement for Framemaker 6. I am using 
Framemaker 8.0p273 on Windows XP Pro SP3.
The Next Paragraph Tag attribute for a paragraph does not seem to be working 
unless there is some text in the paragraph.
Our template uses paragraphs with no text to insert graphics in the side head 
area. The next paragraph tag should insert a paragraph with auto number text 
when the user presses Enter. 
This worked fine in Framemaker 6, but in Framemaker 8 the next paragraph is 
identical to the previous paragraph. It is as though the cursor is setting at 
the beginning of the empty paragraph instead of at the end.
I have tested the behavior with a new document and a Frame 6 document that was 
upgraded and both yield the same undesirable results. I have been unable to 
find any information on this at the Adobe site or in the archives.
Any suggestions? Has anyone else experienced this?
Roy Lewis

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