I forgot to mention: Your problem is that your PMS032 color is converted to RGB 
at PDF creation time. If your Distiller Joboptions is set to "Convert to CMYK" 
the RGB colors that Framemaker output will likely be converted to some 
"managed" CMYK composition, i.e. a re-calculated composition coming from a 
lossy, canonical CMYK -> RGB conversion caused by Famemaker and then again from 
a new RGB -> CMYK conversion caused by Distiller. This happens basically 
because Framemaker on Windows can't pass on SPOT colors on directly, and 
actually download RGB colors to the PostScript stream that later ends up as PDF.

So, with Publi PDF you'll *NEED* to set a queue up for automatic color map 
creation (right-click the "System Tray Icon" to do it). When the Edit Colormaps 
dialog appear you will need to remap the found RGB color(s) -- several variants 
may occur -- to a SPOT color or tint hereof.

Feel free to contact me off-list (or call my cell phone) if you need help with 
this. The problem you are facing is very simple to deal with when you've 
learned how the Publi PDF Optimizer actually works (the learning curve may be 
quite steep at first sight, unfortunately), but I'll do my very best to 
navigate you around.

There are quite a few Publi PDF users in the Framers community. Speak up, if 
you have something too add.

Best regards / Med venlig hilsen
Jacob Sch?ffer  |  Chief Developer
Paradis All? 22, Raml?se
DK-3200 Helsinge, Denmark
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> Emne: Spot color generating process plates
> First, many thanks to those who suggested fixes for the 
> FrameMaker ->  
> PDF color shift problem I wrote about last week. I sincerely  
> appreciate your expertise and generosity.
> I'm now experiencing a different problem (in a different project),  
> but one that seems in some way related.
> This is a two-color job: black and PMS032. When I create a PDF and  
> check the separations, the spot color coming from linked  
> illustrations (Illustrator eps) is handled correctly. But the PMS032  
> applied directly within FrameMaker is throwing process plates  
> (Magenta and Yellow).
> The similarity between this and my last difficulty is that in both  
> cases, color applied from within FrameMaker is mishandled; color  
> specified in other applications (Illustrator) works fine. So...
> Do any of you know how to prevent these process plates from being  
> generated? Or do you know a way to merge them onto the spot plate? I  
> haven't found a way to do it with Ink Manager. (This job will be  
> printed from press-ready PDFs.)
> The job uses FrameMaker  7.1 on Windows XP Pro.
> For what it's worth, this has probably been happening for ages. But  
> in the past, this client has used a fabulous printer (I'm happy to  
> supply the printer's name off-line) and I'll bet he quietly fixed  
> things on his end. But the client is now hoping to save money by  
> using another printer, and this firm said they couldn't work 
> with the  
> files and bounced them back to us.
> Any advice is deeply appreciated, as always.
>     --Donna Reynolds _______________________________________________
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