Alan Litchfield wrote:

> How I can start footnote numbering for a single table for any other
> than
> 1/a?

For one table, but not others? I don't think you can do that with real

You can specify custom numbering -- go to Format > Document > Numbering
> Table Footnote and set Format to Custom. In the Custom Numbering
dialog, enter the sequence of letters/numbers/symbols you want to use
(in order of use). But table footnote numbering always starts over with
each table, and each table's footnotes will use that same sequence.

You can probably fake it using superscripted hypertext links to pgfs in
a borderless straddled cell at the bottom of the table. But it would be
a manual and fussy task. 

I'd rethink the idea if I were you -- but then, I'm particularly averse
to manual and fussy. ;-) 


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