I think your issue may be easy to solve.? But I'd try a couple of things:

1) (optimal if it works)? You can exclude chapters from your webWorks project 
so that your online help works. And theory is that you can use WebWorks to 
define what variables are showing and which are not.? Therefore, you should be 
able to maintain one singular book file, and let WebWorks help you take care of 
the logic needed to define your online content. 

if the variable thing in WebWorks is tricky or not stable in your tests :
2) Set your variables in the frame book files for release 14. Create your pdf. 
Then go to WebWorks (the project where you have excluded the chapters you don't 
need for online help) generate your online help. Make sure to save backup 
copies in a clean directory of both the frame book files and all webworks 
generation and output files, zipping that to keep the size down. Then go back 
to your frame book and set the variables for release 15. Create your pdf. Then 
generate your online help.? {worked for me?with WebWorks version 2003 or early 
ePublisher versions}

Either option should allow you to maintain one working book file.? 

Though I'm not exactly sure what your variant a and b things are. 


"Andersen, Verner Engell VEA" <verner.andersen at> asked:

I am single-sourcing 2 paper manuals and one online help in one. The
online help is implemented in Webworks Publisher where you globally can
define what conditions to hide and what to show.


I have the following output combinations:

online + release 14
online + release 15
Paper + release 14 + variant a? (as either conditional text or
Paper + release 15 + variant b (as either conditional text or variables)

Some of the chapters only belong to the paper manual.

I believe that the foolproof thing is to import all conditions to all
files in the book and set the whole book to the various output

On the other and it seems a bit superfluos to have files with
conditional text definitions that are not used.

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