Hi Tammy,

You can do this with custom ruling and shading, but not as part of the table 
format. That means you will have to apply the custom shading whenever you 
insert a table.


Rick Quatro
Carmen Publishing Inc

> Is it possible to have two headers rows in a Framemaker table each with
> a different shading? In word, I know that I can shade rows individually,
> then select them to say "repeat as heading rows", but is there a
> comparable ability in FM? Right now, when I am setting up a table, I say
> add a row to the header row, and I can select the first row and apply
> shading to it, but for some reason, I can't seem to individually select
> the second row in the heading row and apply a different shading. If I
> change the shading to the second row, then the first row's shading is
> changed to that of the second row.
> TIA,
> Tammy Van Boening
> Curriculum Developer
> Charter University
> Charter Communications, Inc.
> tammy.vanboening at chartercom.com

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