Just went through this yesterday.
We just ecently updated to SP3 and though that was the culprit. It could have 
been but I went through the chapter that was causing the problem, checking all 
The writer had, without knowing, imported a graphic, by reference, and did not 
have the frame anchor selected. It looked like the graphic was there, but it 
With View > Borders turned on, very carefully look at all imported graphics. 
You will find one, at least one, that doesn't quite look right. It will appear 
to have an extra frame within the frame anchor. An extra set of dotted lines. 
This graphic is in the document but not in the anchored frame. Delete what you 
see and reimport the graphic correctly.
Problem _should_ go away.

--- On Thu, 10/2/08, Charlene_Glover at emainc.com <Charlene_Glover at 
emainc.com> wrote:

From: Charlene_Glover at emainc.com <charlene_glo...@emainc.com>
Subject: Regarding Internal Message
To: framers at lists.frameusers.com
Date: Thursday, October 2, 2008, 12:46 PM

Good afternoon,
        I am making changes to a book in Framemaker, whenever I try to
save the document I get the following error message: 

An internal error occurred while importing graphics in this document.
The file has been saved but has lost some image data. Please report
error to Adobe Technical Support.

I am unable to save the document at all, and do not know what else to
do, I will appreciate any suggestions anyone may have.


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