> I've just been reading in the FM help file about why one would select
> "Generate Tagged PDF" -- but are there any circumstances under which
> we'd want to clear it? I.e. is tagging sometimes undesireable?

My experience has been very weird with this. FrameMaker 8 (latest
patches) and Acrobat 8 Pro (latest patches)

On some books, if I have this check box set, FrameMaker crashes. On
other books, if I have it clear, FrameMaker crashes.

I have to experiment with each book till I get it right and then leave
it that way. I have no idea why this is the case ... MIF washing has not
helped in any way. Nothing that I have tried has made it consistent -
one way or another. I did note that in Frame 7.2, it used to be the
opposite(!) on some books (i.e., I had to clear it if set, or set it if

Pain in the neck till I figured out the work-around.


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