Hi all:

FM 8.0, Windows XP

This one is making me tear my hair out.

I ran the book, and three chapters popped up with the error message:

Track_Changes Added Inconsistent

I went into the file before the first error message and saw that all
Track Text Edits options were available except the last one -- Preview
Off was greyed out.

So I went to the three files and clicked Preview Off so it too was greyed out.

When I ran the book again, the same three chapters popped up with this
error message:

Preliminary setting inconsistent for Conditional Text (or similar words)

This was my bad -- I had tweaked the Conditional text settings at the
same time I had greyed out Preview off, so I went back and corrected
that setting.

I ran the book and the same three chapters now give me this message:

Track_Changes Added Inconsistent
Track_Changes Deleted Inconsistent


How could I get this error message again, plus one, when the last time
I ran the book I didn't have any error message at all?

And how do I get rid of these messages?

For all three files, the Track Text Edits menu looks exactly the same
as the Track Text Edits menu for the files that don't pop an error

Is it tied to the Preliminary Text?

Thanks for any insight.


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