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> Subject: moving & preserving links between chapters in a book
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> Hi all. I'm using Framemaker 8 and we just discovered a problem caused
> when we move our books  to different network locations. If we move  
> from
> point A to point B, the book's links to chapters (i.e. index) and the
> links to different places within the same chapter work just fine. What
> doesn't work is the links from one chapter to another. Is there a
> solution? There very well may be a better way to do this, but  
> here's how
> we move our books: We do a "save as" command for each chapter to  
> the new
> location. We then create a book from scratch in that location (and
> update the book). I'm stumped.
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If you move a file with Save As, it retains the path to external  
files that existed when you did the save.
If you move files to a new location with Windows Explorer, Finder, or  
some other file manager tool,
retaining relative paths between linked files, links will survive and  
will point to the new location.

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