Fred & Ben,
Because Frame uses a CMYK model, rather than the web's and monitor's
RBG scheme, I've gotten better results using the Pantone tool's CMYK
recommendations than just pumping in the hex RGB conversion numbers.
But again, it's not anywhere close to an exact or precise science,
it's just a good guess.


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On Thu, Oct 9, 2008 at 11:17 AM, Fred Ridder <docudoc at> wrote:
>> If you have a tool like the Pantone Web chart that gives you the RGB
>> and CYMK equivalents of the web colors, all you (should) have to do is
>> define them in Frame's color definitions.
> Web colors specifications are RGB already, so the only translation that needs
> to be made is a simple mathematical one from the 0-255 (00-FF hex) value
> range used for web colorsa to the 0-100 percent range used by FrameMaker.
> For example, 0000FF translates to 0-0-100 or pure blue.
> -Fred Ridder
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