I know this has been covered many times before, but I need a refresher  
in regards to cmyk .tif or eps images are brought into Frame on the PC.
I believe the color shifts when the image is imported and then looks  
like an rgb image. When you print to file and distill the image, it  
doesn't carry over the cmyk properties but comes out as rgb.
The file then needs to be manipulated to print cmyk. EPS seem to play  
better with Frame than tif in regards to color?

On the mac there is no problem.

I usually deal with grayscale here, but I need the best way to explain  
to a PC Frame client why they are seeing what they are seeing. Any  
help would be appreciate.

Frame in Classic/Frame 7.2 on Windows XP.

Scott White
Media Production Manager
Implementation Coordinator
swhite at alamark.com

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