Huntley Eshenroder wrote:

> Nope. Cross-references don't work in, under, over, or between text
> insets. You've answered your own question. Just prior to final
> production, convert text-insets to text, generate, and produce. Do not
> save the book or you lose insetability.

Assuming the situation hasn't deteriorated in FM 8, this is not true
within FM itself.* And that's what Lin was describing. 

I don't understand what's causing her problem and don't have time to dig
deep right now, but xrefs from one spot in a text inset to another in
the same text inset should resolve without any special effort or

Even xrefs from the container to a text inset or between text insets can
be set up to work properly in FM. It gets a bit involved and requires
you to point your xrefs to cross-reference markers that you create
manually, instead of pointing them to paragraphs and letting FM create
the markers.

Lin, one possibility that occurs to me: do any of the files involved
(source or inset) require human intervention to open, e.g., missing font
or graphics messages to acknowledge? If FM can't open a file silently in
the background, it can't resolve xrefs to that file. The workaround is
to open all the files manually first (the solution, of course, is to get
rid of the problems that keep the files from opening silently). 

* It is true, however, that completely functional xrefs inside text
insets don't become working hyperlinks in PDF. That's the reason for
"flattening" or "unlocking" text insets before PDF creation. Rick Quatro
( can provide FrameScript solutions for this


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