1)I work on an EDD.

I want to create an element which is a pure logical container.

For me a pure logical container, it is an element that it doesn't create
spaces or something in formatting (when I insert this element into

If i add this element into a document, i will just see it into the structure
view and nothing in the doc itself (no space, no new line...nothing)

Have you an idea how to create this particular type of element in an Edd of

2) I have some special characters in my FrameMaker.

These special characters have particular fonts, when i import edd with
format rules overrides my special characters get the font of the element
where they are inserted.


I have a P element, pure text <TEXT>, default font definition Arial.

In this P element, one character of the text is in WingDings.

If I import EDD with format rules overrides, all becomes Arial.

Is it possible in the EDD to define special characters (or something else)
to maintain them when i import edd with format rules overrides?or to make
some exclusions when importing edd?

Alexandre Mazouz

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