I am pretty sure all my paths are right, and writable - this is all on the 
TechPubs drive that I have used for 6 years,and nobody else uses. And it is the 
same setup that we have used in the past to generate OmniHelp successfully many 
I am glad my ini file looks good. 
I will copy the files to my local machine and try again. 
Thanks, Jeremy!


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On Mon, 13 Oct 2008 23:17:32 -0400, "John Sgammato"
<jsgammato at IMPRIVATA.com> wrote:

>I am struggling with some online help. I hope someone
>out there can help me.

We're always game.  ;-)

>We have used Mif2Go to excellent effect for our last
>few product releases, but it was always handled by my
>genius intern. Alas! He has graduated and this seems
>far beyond my abilities, at least after 8 hours at it.

LOL!  Don't give up!  Just take it one step at a time...

>I have a relatively simple unstructured FM8 book (13
>files including front matter and index, one text inset,
>no conditional text).
>When I generate the OmniHelp output, I see two strange
>* The output files never appear in the wrap folder even
>though WrapAndShip=Yes and the wrap folder awaits

Odd.  Are you sure the [Automation]WrapPath is correct
for your system?  It looks like you are working on a
server; are you sure you have write permission in the
wrap folder?  For that matter, are you sure the files
are getting produced at all?  Frame has problems working
with files on a server... we don't, but if *it* won't,
there's not much we can do.  Try moving your project
to a local drive, and see if that helps.

But first, see if you can copy the .htm files from the
working dir to the wrap dir using Explorer.  All we do
is copy *.htm, *.js, *.gif, *.jpg, *.png, and *.svg;
worst case, just do that by hand.

>* The ApplianceGuide_oh* files all end in .js

Good!  That's a change we made last year, for the benefit
of some browsers that won't treat them as JS (which they are)
if they don't have a .js ext.  Make sure you have the matching
OH viewer files for your project, not an older set.  The new
ones are in ohvhtm10.zip (for HTML) or ohvxml10.zip (XHTML),
which you should have.

>It's getting pretty late and I am going blind over this.
>Does anyone have any ideas what I am doing wrong? I copied
>mif2htm.ini at the bottom of this in case anyone feels
>particularly sleuth-ish. I appreciate any help.

Your mif2htm.ini file looks fine.  If you still have any
problems, do write us directly.  ;-)

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