Hi Marc,

I recently had this problem, specifically with the Symbol font. I could see it 
onscreen, and I had it installed within the font system. However, when I 
printed the document in anyway, it disappeared. The font was installed in the 
fonts file, and I'd see it within the embedded PDF font information. 

This piece of advice from Dave R helped:
One possible thing to check is this.  I vaguely remember having a 
similar problem a few years back.  We use the Type 1 Symbol font, and it 
suddenly stopped printing.  This coincided with either a PC or Windows 
upgrade.  Eventually found out that I did not have the True Type Symbol 
font installed (symbol.ttf).  Even though I was using the T1 font and 
not the TT font, Windows needed the TT font to be present for the T1 
version to "work".  It might pay to check your Windows\Fonts directory 
and make sure symbol.ttf is present.  If not, install it (just copy it 
from another PC and then install it on yours).

The font I had installed was a Type 1 font also, not a "true type" version. So 
I downloaded symbol.ttf, installed it successfully, and suddenly the font 
started appearing in printed documents.

So I guess the moral of this story is try installing a true type version of the 



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