>From what I understand, and I have not done this myself in FM, is that this
can be achieved with FrameScript.

Dan Emory, in 1999, said the following, but again, I don't know if there have
been subsequent efforts to to create a plug-in that achieves these things.
When I want line numbering I use LaTeX

Good luck

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> 2. - Is it possible to have line numbering down the side of a page, where
> the numbering counts only the lines with text in them and not blank lines?
Despite what some others have stated, there is no viable way to do this in
FrameMaker without developing an API client.

And, despite what one poster suggested, development of such an API client
would NOT be trivial, because it would have to detect both the presence and
the vertical position of each text line, whether in or out of a table, and
would have to deal with all of the following, which affect whether a line is
numbered, and, if it is, the positioning of the line number:

a. The ability to suppress line numbering for text that should not be numbered.

b. Suppress line numbering for empty paragraphs

c. Properly number text insets that are imported by reference.

d. The variable amounts of white space between wrapped lines of a multi-line
paragraph caused by the line spacing setting, and, if the paragraph is set
for variable spacing, the variations in inter-line spacing produced by the
presence of subscripts, superscripts, larger font sizes of formatted text
strings within paragraphs, and anchored frames inserted within the text of a

e. Variations in the Space Above/Below settings of paragraphs and tables.

f. Variations in the top/bottom cell margins of rows, and the alignment
(top, bottom, or center) of text within cells.

g. Suppression of line numbering for table heading and footing rows that
repeat on each page of a multi-page table.

h. The empty spaces created by graphics.

Additionally, such an API client would have to deal successfully with:

a. Multi-column page layouts, inserting the line numbers in that case in the
gaps between columns.

b. Other variations in master page usage which affect where and how the line
numbers would appear.

c. If line numbers run consecutively throughout a large multi-file book (as
opposed to starting the line numbering at 1 on each page), the API client
would also have to deal with the continuation of the line numbering in each
file of the multi-file book, and the large range in the number of line
number digits (from 1 to 6), finding some way to fit them within the page
margins, and the gaps between columns in multi-column layouts.
Certainly, the complexity of a line numbering capability such as that
described above explains why it is not presently available in FrameMaker,
and why (to my knowledge) no one has developed an API client that will do it.

In my view, the only feasible way it could be done is to:

a. Add a line numbering on/off parameter to the Numbering or Pagination
properties panel of the FrameMaker Paragraph Designer palette

b. Add a line numbering on/off parameter to the FrameMaker Table Designer

c. Add a Line Numbering Properties dialog to the FrameMaker Format >
Document menu that would be similar to the existing Change Bar Properties

d. Add a line numbering continuation/restart parameter to the FrameMaker Set
Up Document dialog in the book file.

e. Impose tight restrictions on paragraph and table formats, as well as
master pages (e.g., no multi-column layouts for columns where line numbering
is required), to minimize the problems imposed by variations in spacing and
page layout described previously.

f. Develop a set of templates that implement the capabilities and
limitations described in a, b, c, and d above.

Peter Hirons wrote:
> Gurus,
> Does anyone know if it is possible to get FM to print with line numbers?
> If so, how?
> I have reviewers wanting this.
> Peter
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