This is fairly bizarre. I've been having no problems at all with smart quotes 
on FM8 p277. I spent
a moment or two wondering what Mr Griffith was talking about (but confident he 
did know ;-).

My maker.ini looks like this:

; Smart Quote Characters
; SmartQuotes \xd4\xd5\xd2\xd3 )  English curved quotes
; SmartQuotes \xe2\xd4\xe3\xd2 )  German-style quotes with base quotes
; SmartQuotes \xd5\xd5\xc7\xc8 )  French-style quotes using guillemets
; SmartQuotes \xd5\xd5\xd3\xd3 )  Swedish- and Finnish-style quotes
; SmartQuotes \xd4\xd5\xd2\xd3 )  Italian curved quotes
; English curved quotes:

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