Callie Bertsche wrote:
> I inherited a scripting guide with many tables.
> These tables all have one header row, with an associated paragraph tag,
> and multiple paragraph tags used within the subsequent rows.
> Some of these header rows have a double line ruling between the header
> row and the rest of the table.
> Some tables' header rows have only a single line ruling.
> How do I add a double line ruling to the header rows that have only a
> single line ruling?
> I've tried using the Table Designer, looked on the Ruling page, and the
> tables have "Double" selected for the Separators and Rows drop-down
> menus in the Heading and Footing Ruling region of the page. No matter
> what combination of Heading and Footing Rulings I try, it only affects
> the last row in the table, not the header row. 
> Thanks,
> Callie
> _______________________________________________

Sounds like someone overrode with a custom ruling.  To restore your 
Designer settings:

1.  Select the heading row (or the entire table).
2.  From the Table menu, choose Custom Ruling and Shading.
3.  Select all the checkboxes in the Custom Cell Ruling area.
4.  From the Apply Ruling Style list, choose From Table.
5.  Apply.


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