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>How does FM know what TOC style to associate with a heading style? I
>have three instances of TOC entries that show up twice: once correctly
>and once incorrectly. The duplicated TOC  entries each use a different
>style. The style for the correct is an override. Is there a way to tell
>what part of the style causes the override?
>Here's a rough sample:
>About This Guide                  <Correct> <override TOC style =
>Chapter 1 About This Guide        <Incorrect> <TOC style =
>          Section Title
>          Section Title
>Same thing for the Glossary and Index.

Paragraph tags in the "Include Paragraph Tagged:" box (Set Up Table of 
Contents dialog box) get the generated file suffix (TOC by default), so a 
Heading1 paragraph is associated with a Heading1TOC TOC style.

Paragraphs present in the TOC which do not have a TOC suffix in their tag 
(such as ctp_ChTitleTOCPlain in the example above) are the result of manual 
tag changes, and will be present regardless of regenerating the TOC, with 
their initial text values. This is how a TOC title should be added to the 
TOC (with a tag named ContentsTitle, for example), so that it "survives" 
TOC regeneration (since it does not come from the source chapter).

In your example above, ctp_ChTitleTOCPlain should be labelled <Incorrect>, 
whereas ct_ChapterTitleTOC is <Correct>.

To get rid of all double entries, simply delete all paragraphs in the TOC 
body pages (except for the ContentsTitle paragraph, if present).
Upon regenerating the TOC, the extra entries will not be present anymore.

If some TOC entries require a different appearance/structure (eg no 
"Chapter" prefix), a unique source tag name is needed (with a separate 
treatment in the TOC flow in the reference pages).

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