Of course there may be situations, when a starting
paragraph for a set of steps may be needed. I use this
to specify more space before the first step.

Without knowing the numbering settings all these e-mails
about the purpose of these paragraph formats are pure
speculation. Nancy, could you check the numbering and
post it?

Best regards


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> I'd say that S and S+ are duplicates if they both behave the same.
> And further I'd reformat the template so that you only have one tag 
> for numbering at that level. The reste for the numbering being in the 
> body, heading, and other tags. It's much more elegant, and removes 
> the problem of missing that first numbering.
> Scott
> At 2:57 PM -0500 10/28/08, Mike Wickham wrote:
> >  > For example, the current template uses these paragraph tag names:
> >>
> >>  S
> >>  S1
> >>  S+
> >>
> >>  Both S1 is for Step 1; S and S+ act as Step +. (I don't 
> know why there
> >>  are two tags that appear to have  the same function. A 
> mistake? Or am I
> >>  missing something?)
> >
> >S1 probably resets the autonumbering to start over at Step 1.
> >
> >S probably continues the numbering from the previous step.
> >
> >And S+ is probably for those situations where a step has 
> more than one
> >paragraph. You don't want "Step n" at the beginning of such 
> a paragraph, so
> >it omits the autonumbering.
> >
> >Mike Wickham

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