if I get a 'FM translation error' - followed by a crash, where should I look
to debug my XML application?

FM 8 latest version.

It concerns a Dita based XML application. Opening an XML file (created in FM
using the same application) gives this error. Opening the same XML using the
standard DITA-topic application gives no error. Problem is in the table
element, in combination with illustrations (fig element). Removing the figs
makes the XML open, but shows just an empty table with no formatting (no
text either).

We didn't change the table definitions (compared to default Dita), EDD and
schemas are all based on default DITA with only additions for new elements.
For the FM-app I copied the Dita-topic application, changed the name and top
level elements to match the specialized schema.

Where can be the error - should I check the EDD, the DTD (as derived from
the schema), the schema itself (is 100% copy of DITA tblDeclMod file). 

The XML validates in XML-editor against the schema and also in FM when it's
still an .Fm file.

We based our specialized schema on DITA 1.1. But as I used the Dita-topic
EDD that shipped with FM8 to create my customized EDD (and didn't change any
of the table elements) I would expect the XML to open fine in FM - and it
does except for the tables.

any suggestions?

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