> I've noticed at times that moving the cursor around in a Frame 8 file
> can be rather sluggish.  This is when I'm using the arrow key to move
> the cursor along a line of text.  I've also noticed that using the
> shift+arrow keys to select text can be really slow as well.  However, at
> other times the cursor moves at what I consider to be a normal speed.
> The other day I think I found out why.  The movement of the cursor slows
> right down when I have Paragraph Designer open.  I did a timed test on a
> random line of text.  With PD closed, it took 4 seconds to run the
> cursor from one end of the line to the other, but with PD open it took
> 14 seconds.  If I selected the line using Shift+arrow, the times were
> about the same.  I repeated the test with PD closed and Character
> Designer open, but this time it took about 5 seconds.

Do you have the Leximation RestoreWindows plugin? I have the same behavior 
and traced it to that plugin. Having the Character Designer open slows the 
cursor. Having the Paragraph Designer open slows it even more. Having both 
open seems to have an additive effect and slow things even more. The 
RestoreWindows version I have is 1.01e. If I remember correctly, version 1.0 
didn't cause the problem, but it also didn't track as many palettes. Scott 
at Leximation had created a custom version for me (1.01) that opened the 
tool palette, the Character Catalog and Paragraph Catalog, the Paragraph 
Designer, Character Designer, and Table Designer. That version is the one 
that introduced the slow cursor problem for me. Scott was unable to fix it 
because he was unable to duplicate the problem on his computer.

Mike Wickham

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