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> Question: What does "Save  FrameImage with Imported Graphics" do?
> Answer: Back in the early days when FrameMaker was a true cross-platform tool 
> that would allow you to work the same Frame file on Windows, Mac and various 
> flavors of Unix, FrameImage was an equilizer giving you a common format 
> across the three platforms for imported raster images.
> While you could probably still use it with mif, etc. I doubt that many need 
> it today. FrameImage is mostly an artifact. Turning it on will bloat your 
> file sizes and give you little or no benefit.

The common format was for image previews in FM documents, regardless
of the platform or graphic format. Without a FrameImage, a graphic
that couldn't be previewed would appear as a gray box placeholder on
screen, but would reproduce correctly when output.


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