Not exactly Frame related, but I'm after some advice about LCD 
monitors.  After being the only tech writer in our team with a single 
monitor, I finally got given another monitor a couple of weeks ago.  
Hurray!!  It's been a long wait.  So now I have matching Viewsonic VA912 
19" monitors.  The second one is not new, but reassigned to me from 
someone else.  Judging from the numbers, it is about the same age as my 
first monitor.

Apparently my PC has an on-board video card, so they connected the 
second monitor via an adaptor card (budget constraints!).  This meant I 
had the first monitor on an analog feed, and the second monitor on a 
digital feed. 

The display on the second monitor is quite different from the first 
monitor in terms of colour, brightness and contrast.  I have tried to 
adjust the second monitor to match the display of the first monitor, but 
I've been unsuccessful.  I've tried the adjustments on the monitor and 
in the driver, but the display on the second monitor is still inferior 
to that on the first monitor.  After complaining to our IST people, they 
fitted a new video card that they happened to have in stock (still 
budget constraints), but I notice that the first monitor is still on 
analog, and the second is still on digital, and I still can't get the 
displays to match.

For many applications this is only a nuisance.  However, for editing 
photographs it is a major problem.  I take quite a few photos for my 
manuals and it is important that the edited versions of the photos I 
take are consistent for colour, brightness and contrast.  This means 
that I cannot currently use the second monitor for editing photos, as 
the same photo looks so different on each monitor.

Is there a way to get the second monitor to match the first one, or am I 
fighting a losing battle trying to get the digital input display to 
match the analog input display?

Any help appreciated.




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