I am new to this list, and right now I feel semi-new to FM as well. I did
work with FM 6 some years back, but never with structured material, and now
it seems I am yet again to embark on the FM train. I may take on a job of
converting a couple of user guides from xml (or possibly sgm, don't have all
the details yet) into fm, since the client wants an easier interface to do
future updates themselves.
So, since I think I can relatively easily get up to date on the FM side of
things (I don't think it has changed that much from ver 6 to 8?), I would
need some help to get started on the structured side. 
I assume I will be provided with a DTD plus of course all the source files
(xml or sgm). But then, are there any particular pitfalls I should avoid
when converting the files in FM 8? Do I need to create templates first, or
will fm templates be created for me based on the old set of files? What are
the most likely problems - cross references, images, TOCs, indexes, etc?
Is there any particular order you all would recommend for doing things in
regards to this?
If you have any links or references I could read up on that relates to this
type of project, it would be great. As far as I have understood there is no
up-to-date user books on the structured side of FM 8 as yet (apart form the
built-in help)?
When I look at the menu option StructureTools/Utilities/Convert Structured
Documents there is a listbox called Application. How does that work? At what
point can I choose something from that list, and how do I know what format
each of these options is? I couldn't find much on that in the FM help. Or,
is that not applicable at all for what I want to achieve?
And, before selecting that, should I set the DTD path (StructeTools/Open
As you see, I have many questions, some I guess quite basic. But I still
hope you will help me get started in this. It would be great just to have a
few sample files to play along with for a while, but I haven't found
anything suitable yet.

Anyway, many thanks in advance.


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