Using Frame 8, is possible, with the Text Edit Tracking feature, to collect 
statistics on the changes in a document?
>From the Frame 8 Reviewer's Guide it looks like this is possible. If you 
>compare version one of a document against version two, the updated version,?of 
>the same document, Frame 8 creates a Summary file, as well as a Composite if 
>selected. Since the Summary file is a Frame file, I expect I could save this 
>file as a spreadsheet or? text file. Then collect the statistic portions of 
>each Summary file into Excel and perform calculations on these results.
If this is possible, this would provide me with some historical information on 
the amount of changes to a particular book within a project.
The intent is to try and get better at projecting the amount of work required 
to complete a future project.

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