Hello All,
I am new to the Framers group.
I develop the templates for the tech pubs group at my work. I have spent a 
lot of time creating and maintaining templates and macros for WebWorks. 
Several of our writers need to upgrade FM. I can't purchase FM7.2. This 
would require the writers to upgrade to FM8. I purchased an upgrade to FM8 
and can't figure out how to generate the HTML (or XML) outputs that would 
look like what I produced with WebWorks. Since FM8 does not come with WW 
standard, we would have to purchase a WW seat from Quadralay at great 
expense. This forces us to make a decision on whether to stay with FM or 
change to another application.

Is there a way to import templates and macros from WW?
Is there a way to define the HTML / XML page layout to include the banners 
and navigation that WW created?

Please help me to figure this out so that I can make an informed decision 
on the future.

Thank You,
Documentation Specialist
Varian Semiconductor Equipment Associates
4 Stanley Tucker Drive
Newburyport, MA 01950
Work: 978-463-5011
Cell: 978-265-0167
Fax: 978-462-6126

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