I am in the midst of hooking up a FM8 book to RH7. I'm following the
instructions from RJ Jacquez demo at
https://admin.adobe.acrobat.com/_a295153/p13101233/ This seems to be the
only source of information from Adobe on how to do this.

I'm importing the book by reference into an existing RH7 project and
then going thru a reiterative process to fine tune stuff like style maps
and xref styles. I was completely baffled by how get the FM TOC and
Index associated with the Help project. As I was writing this email, I
remembered a presentation by Kevin Siegal that I downloaded from the STC
2008 Conference web site. In there, I just found out that the TOC and
Index have to be assigned to a RH layout. 

Caution! Small Digression: This process is reminding me of when I used
to try to play Dungeons and Dragons from a VAX command line prompt. This
was BI (Before Internet) when we had more time for such things and Games
weren't part of the GNP :-)

Does anyone know of a source for some information about hooking up FM8
books to RH7?

Charlie Kyle

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If, along with FM, you have a need to keep Acrobat, Captivate or
RoboHelp licenses current then the TCS is hard to beat.

Along with the 4 apps is extra integration beyond HTM or Help outputs.
Put Flash movies & simulations along with working 3D models into FM and
output to the needed PDF or Help format.

TCS 1.x is a bit finicky in setup and can have a 5-10 hour learning
curve on the first project, but has a huge return on investment after

Currently there are only a few folks who can help with support outside
Adobe. If you need help, let me know. If anyone else out there is
working at a high level in this, let me (& Adobe) know and we can trade

-Matt Sullivan

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