The following will work if you have if you are working in, or have
access to, a unix or linux environment (eg Cygwin) then its relatively
easy use a sed script to make the changes on saved .MIF version(s) of
the affected file(s).

Each line of your sed script would be something like this:

/ImportObFileDI/ s/08-204/analyzer_main/

The first part "/ImportObFileDI/" limits changes to the lines in the MIF
file where the path to the file is given, so there should be no danger
of making changes to other parts of the file.

The second part of the line gives the old and new file names. If you
haven't already renamed the files then you could start off with a unix
script that renames the files, for example:

mv 08-204 analyzer_main

and then edit this to create your sed script.

You can then run the sed script with the command:

        sed - f script-file-name input.mif > output.mif

I don't know of any equivalent batch processing utilities available
under Windows but would be interested if anyone knows of them.


Rob Evans

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All my linked graphics have numbers as the file name, like "08-204". Now
the company decision is that they should have letters, like
We plan to keep all file names the same in all translated languages.

Is there an easy way to do this without having to reimport.
Maybe there is a tool?

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