Hi D,

There's actually a 3D product that comes with Acrobat 3D, called the 3D 
Toolkit, which is the one that allows you to convert virtually any 3D CAD file 
into a u3D and thus bring it into FrameMaker.

I did a recording awhile back that people have found useful on this very topic 
and it walks you through the steps on how to do this, here's the link in case 
you are interested:



RJ J?cquez
Senior Product Evangelist
Adobe Technical Communication Suite
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I'm trying to import a 3D file into FrameMaker and having no luck at
all. According to everything I've read...
- the file must be in U3D format
- Acrobat 3D should be used to convert the original CAD file into U3D

I've used Acrobat 3D to convert the CAD file, and per instructions in
the Acrobat documentation I've selected the U3D ECMA 1 option from
within the Import tab > 3D Format in PDF. A file is generated with a
PDF filetype, and my understanding is that somehow, internally, the
3D data are (or should be) in U3D format.

Once that's completed, I import the resulting PDF into FrameMaker.
- The Imported Graphic Scaling dialog box isn't displayed as the
FrameMaker documentation says it will be.
- Nothing appears in the graphics frame; i.e., there is no preview.
- When I export into PDF format, the image appears but Acrobat 3D
doesn't recognize it as a 3D object.

When I convert the same CAD files directly into PDF, everything works
fine. But this 3D image is part of a formatted data sheet, so I
really need to include it in the FrameMaker file.

I'm using the Technical Communications Suite (Acrobat 3D 8,
FrameMaker 8) and Windows XP. I've tried two different CAD formats:
STEP and SLDPRT, both of which are supported by Acrobat 3D.

Any ideas?

As always, sincere thanks for your time and consideration.

    --D Reynolds

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