Hi, Keith:

Search FM Help for last page in book, and choose the topic "Including
the total page count of a book in a header or footer," (or just search
for "total page count.")



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On Wed, Sep 24, 2008 at 5:42 PM, Keith Soltys <keith at soltys.ca> wrote:
> I've run into something that's stumped me.
> Our house style for our technical docs has the page numbering style Page
> x of y, where y is the total number of pages in the document. This is
> easy to do in Word. I don't like it, but I need to set up a template in
> Frame that matches the Word template we've been using.
> I thought it would be easy to do in Frame, as there is a
> <$LastPageCount> variable which includes the last page number of the
> document. But, in a book with multiple files I want the last page number
> of the book. And what I'm getting is not right. For example, in chapter
> 1 I get page 7 of 13, in chapter 2 I get page 18 of 26, and so on. The
> page number count is correct but the last page number is the last page
> number of the chapter file, not the book. It's only accurate for the
> last file in the book.
> Does anyone know if it's possible to do this type of page numbering in
> Frame and if so, how?
> Thanks
> Keith
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