I'm a very new user of Mif2Go - trying to test it a bit and see if this
is a direction we should consider. My current goal is to produce DITA
XML from structured FrameMaker files, and following the Mif2Go User's
Guide, I'm trying to generate a content model from our DTD. 

The User's Guide refers me to the dtd2ini.txt file for instructions on
producing the content model configuration file, and this txt file
instructs me to download the XML parser RXP. The instructions claim the
download is available on the OMSYS download page - I don't' see it. I
attempted to locate a Windows download on the internet - I can't find

The instructions in the txt file are a little messy in general, but now
I'm worrying that they may also be out-of-date. Does anyone have some
advice on the Mif2Go documentation in general or my problem
specifically? I'm also very prepared to accept full responsibility for
this confusion. I fear I may be in over my head with this tool.



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