Art Campbell wrote: 

> I agree almost all of Richard's post, except his antipathy to ATM
> Lite. It works fine on XP systems, and it still my PS font manager of
> choice, although both Adobe and Microsoft agree that it "isn't
> required." But it works for me, has worked for years, and continues to
> work on multiple systems. It's especially useful to corral older PS
> font files.

I could have sworn the warning about that -- complete with link to KB
article that I remember reading -- appeared a few years ago on this
list. But now I can't find it, either in my FrameUsers archive or in the
Adobe KB. Sorry for the scare. 

Maybe I'm not just forgetting things these days, I'm also remembering
things that never happened. :-} 

(Someone gave me a t-shirt for my birthday a couple of years ago that
says, "I remember back in the day... oh, well... I guess I don't."


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