I'm sorry to report that after doing the procedure you listed below, 
I still couldn't enter text without drawing a text box within the 
margins. This is exactly why it isn't more than a page layout 
program. It fails to provide me with a default page that can be used 
to write upon without having to define the text frame.

It follows the paste-up page paradigm exactly. Which says to me that 
this program is a paste-up program not a replacement for FrameMaker. 
It is a killer when placed against Quark Xpress, which behaves in the 
same manner. And even with all the plug-ins for Xpress, it isn't a 
serious contender to replace FrameMaker. Neither is InDesign.


At 3:38 PM +0100 9/25/08, Paul Findon wrote:
>On 23 Sep 2008, at 21:05, quills at airmail.net wrote:
>>  Every time I try the demo of InDesign I can't get past the part where
>>  I make a page and look for where the text entry starts. As in, where
>>  is the cursor for text?
>On the New Document dialog box, select Master Text Frame, then click 
>OK. When the new document appears, select the Text tool, Command-
>Shift-click (Ctrl+Shift+click) the frame, and start typing.

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