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>I can tell you that the figures list their object type as FrameVector with no 
>referenced file. They present themselves as unary graphical blobs, which do 
>respond to my FrameMaker (7.2 on Win XP) graphics tools.
>Is there any way to fix these? Can I export them to some other format? Or do I 
>have to redraw them from scratch?

FrameVector is usually present in conjunction with another
format, either a vector format like WMF or possibly native
Frame vector objects.  If you'd like to send me one of the
files off-list, in a .zip, I'll have a look and tell you
more about what you have.

More generally, it's always possible to export such graphics
in another format using Frame's native graphic export filters.
The demo version of Mif2Go will do that for you, for free:
In the User's Guide, see par. 29.2, "Converting and exporting 
graphics", for more considerations and instructions on that.


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