Unfortunately, you should not believe Windows Explorer search when it
tells you it cannot find a particular file. I've had it tell me "File
Not found" when I am looking at the file in question right in the folder
where the search begins!

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maker.inifile? Can't find ini file

Scott Penney wrote:

> Following the "Customizing" pdf manual and advice I've received on
> list, I was attempting to locate the maker.ini file (for FM 7.1) to
> the font specs (the manual indicates the path
> UserProfile\ApplicationData\Adobe\FrameMaker\7.0). Looking under
> Files\Adobe\FrameMaker 7.1, no maker.ini file is evident. I've also
> searches with no results. Any ideas?

Did you see my response from yesterday afternoon? Here is the relevant
portion again: 

The main maker.ini is right where it's always been -- the FM
installation folder -- and that's the one you probably want to make font
mapping changes in. There's another one for your personal settings, but
it's mainly for things like window sizes and positions, recent files,
etc. "UserProfile" is a variable referring to a specific user's
"profile" data, the location of which depends on the Windows version. 

This is all explained on page 1 of the Customizing manual under the
heading "Locating customization files." There's a table there that shows
you where UserProfile is for each Windows version.

Are you saying that a search of your hard drive turns up _zero_
instances of maker.ini? I don't think that's possible with a functioning
FM install. 

But I could be wrong. It happened once before. ;-)


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