You can use Windows keyboard commands to locate most boxes and applications 
when they are 'off screen'. This often happens when you use a laptop with a 2nd 
monitor at the base, and then undock it for a presentation or other portable 
use. This stuff you want is on the 'other monitor'.
For most items, use the following:

Make the item active (click the icon, etc.)
[arrow key] (not the ones on the numeric keypad0
Move the mouse until the item appears. (Do not click a button0
When in view, click the left button.

Try this with any active item. This is not Frame specific.

However, the FrameMaker Structure View is different, and usually needs an 
offshoot of this procedure. This issue that you cannot make the View active by 
clicking the icon if you dlick somewhere else after the first time.
So close Frame, open it, click the icon once and do the above procedure. This 
keeps the View active so that you can move it.
This procedure is for XP. Don't know if Vista works the same.
Oran Petersen

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